Dropping Today in Beta Mode: ClosetWitch Pro

Dropping Today in Beta Mode: ClosetWitch Pro
An early view of ClosetWitch Pro's Inventory Management System from the admin view. Future versions will allow you to drag/drop/hide columns to your preferred layout.

Dearest ClosetWitch users,

If you've been with us this past year, you know that ClosetWitch Pro has been on the horizon for some time.

As much as we'd like to continue to fuss and fiddle with it a bit longer, we're taking a deep breath and releasing it into the wild... with several "fast follow" updates and fixes already planned.

What to Expect with ClosetWitch Pro (Beta Mode) as of 2/2023

Cathy speaking here, by the way (cofounder of ClosetWitch). At the risk of getting a bit personal here, I found out in 2021 that I have ADHD.

Using an Understanding of ADHD to Create A Distraction-Free Work Zone for Resellers

In hindsight, my diagnosis makes a lot of sense given our new understanding of ADHD, and that it doesn't always look like hyperactivity or bad behavior (my report cards as a child always noted how respectful I was, but that I could never remember to do my homework or bring my textbook, and that I was often reading novels under my desk during class. Whoops!).

In adulthood, this has manifested in struggling a lot with context switching while working. As you can imagine, this is a nightmare for complex, differentiated work like reselling. At the same time, reselling is catnip for the dopamine-deprived among us. Making sales! Finding Veronica Beard at the thrift store! Doing twelve different types of tasks throughout the day.

Yet, individual tasks that were repetitive, boring, and involved having a lot of tabs open (like listing) made even the parts of reselling I liked feel like a slog, and I found myself constantly wandering away from my work, daydreaming, getting distracted, or somehow shopping on ThredUp??? How does this always happen with out my knowledge?! (JK, I'm the problem, I know).

This is a long way of telling you that ClosetWitch Pro is an attempt at creating a dream solution for different problems under the same heading of Stuff That Feels Excruciating About Reselling Unless You Have the Patience of a Saint (and Especially if You Have ADHD).

Here's specifically what we set out to address with ClosetWitch Pro:

-Unifying online and offline tasks: ever go to list an item and then remember you have to stain treat it? The worst.

-Minimizing context switching and fumble time: listing an item=fishing around for the photos, the info in my spreadsheet, my doc with template text, and THEN the "create listing" tab to grab and drop it all in, in different places, at different times.

-Difficulty in batching like items: ie. seeing at a glance what I've forgotten to measure; which "summer" items I haven't listed yet in May that are just sitting in my inventory; which sweaters need sweater shaving that I can gather at once; which items need to be gathered for repairs.

-Reducing duplicate work: like typing info about an item into my inventory spreadsheet, then typing it all into Poshmark when listing.

-Dopamine deficiency: that feeling that you're just throwing work into the void with no sense of progress.

Unveiling 5 Key Features: ClosetWitch Pro Beta Mode

With all this in mind, here's what to look forward to from ClosetWitch Pro:

1. Inventory Management: in a nutshell, this means entering info about your items directly into our system (export any time), then using ClosetWitch as a command center.

2. Streamlined Listing: once you've entered item info into our system, clicking the "create listing" button takes you to a draft of your listing with prepopulated fields and templated description text. Add pictures, tweak, and you're done.

3. Searchable Tagging: this is a little feature with huge possibilities (at some point, we even hope to use style tags to generate titles for listings using AI!). But for now, add style tags to your item to quickly and easily generate a searchable description for your item. Later, use the tags to find and organize items of a particular description (ie. finding and making sure you've listed every item marked "summer" by the end of May).

4. To-dos: mark items as needing repair, missing measurements, requiring stain treatment, and more. You'll see them as "blocked" instead of "ready to list" on your main inventory page until they're resolved.

5. Smart Templates: want measurements, style tags (in bullet form), and general closet info to appear in every listing in that order? Use our smart templates to organize where you want this information to populate while drafting listings. You'll be able to preview and adjust the actual description or change the overall template as you work to get things exactly right.

There's so much more in the works and on the way, but these features are ready to go now and just waiting for you to take advantage of them.

How to Get ClosetWitch Pro Mode [Because It's Not for Sale Yet!]

With lots of priorities to juggle, we've actually put setting up payments for ClosetWitch Pro on the back burner.

Rather, we want to get this out to users ASAP and collect your feedback.

Are you a ProLite User? You're getting Pro for free for three months (a quarter) to try out, no strings, and hopefully let us know what you think.

Send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Pro Please" and we'll set you up.

Questions, comments, concerns? Please also send them to [email protected].

Love and (PRO) magic,

Cathy @ClosetWitch