Fall 2023 Women's Trend Forecasts and Style Guide for Poshmark Sellers

Fall 2023 Women's Trend Forecasts and Style Guide for Poshmark Sellers
so many trends, one really fashionable outfit from Milly (via Revolve)

Let’s be clear: as a reseller, you’re not likely to find hot off the runway styles at your local Savers. But staying on top of trends can be crucial for making good choices with with on-the-fence items like bread and butter and vintage pieces. It can also get you into sections of the thrift store you often skip (hint: you’re gonna want to visit the suit section again!).

So—are those vintage Gap jeans worth picking up if they have sick wide legs? Can you finally move that peplum top that’s been in your Poshmark closet since 2017?

Read on for answers to your burning Fall 2023 fashion questions!

New Aesthetics:

Dark Romance

This is a softer take on dark academia, with some overlap with other resurging trends (Off the shoulder! Sheer! Peplums!). Look for sweet touches like lace, ribbon, and rosettes on moody-colored pieces.

via Apparel Resources

80s Power Dressing

Sharp shoulders and oversized jackets, pinstripes, tailored skirts—office separates are back, baby.

via WhoWhatWear

Trendy Colors:

Tomato Red and Butter Yellow

Just like, not at the same time.

Amanda Uprichard via Revolve
A Givenchy look via Elle

Spacey Silver

Gucci via British Vogue

Moody, pewter-y shades of silver, whether in slinky slip dresses or accessories, are a thing for Fall 2023.

Fresh Silhouettes:

Circle Skirts

Think less skater skirt, more poodle skirt (midi length). Bonus points for additional trend involvement, like leather, sheer fabric, or a groovy sheen.

Alexander McQueen via Elle

Denim Midi and Maxi Skirts

Specifically the kind that look frankenstein-ed together from an old pair of jeans.

GRLFRND via Revolve

Wide Leg Jeans

While straight leg is still en vogue, wider legs on jeans will be more cutting edge (and more in demand) this fall and winter. Look for mid and lower rises, cargo pockets, and “puddle” (floor-grazing) hems for extra appeal. Also back in: darker washes, including black and gray.


The Details:

Sheer Everything

Blouses, dresses, and even maxi and midi skirts are leaving a lot less to the imagination.

Zara skirt--and peep another hot tren:, mary jane ballet flats. 

Shearling/Faux Fur

faux fur bag from Zara

Bags, lapels, and full coats and jackets with a fuzz factor will continue to be good pick-ups. Bonus points for unusual animal prints or trending colors (bright red, soft yellow, unusual animal print, pewter/dark silver).


Fun and vaguely 60s.

Bubish via Revolve

Pearlescent, Sheeny Fabrics and Textures

If there’s a a color-gradient effect involved, all the better.

Chain-mail is also very Fall 2023. Via Revolve


Especially on denim.

NSF via Revolve

Fruit Motifs

show me your mumu via Revolve

Particularly cherries, strawberries lemons, and tropical fruits.

Things that are now a THING:

Duvet/Sleeping bag/quilted puffer coats

Quilted, cozy coats in more subdued textures than a traditional puffer coat will piggy back on the neutral/normcore vibes for a soft, practical effect.

Elisabetta Franchi look via Fashionista

Leather or Denim Coordinating Sets

Especially leather blazers and maxi skirts.

Brandon Maxwell via Elle

Built-In Scarf Coats

Still trendy, and still worth picking up if you find them in the wild.

Eaves, via Revolve

Chunky Earrings

The 80s are dominating jewelry trends, with chunky, huggy-style earrings coming back in vogue (a good pairing with all the power suiting we’re seeing).

Another micro-trend: sea-inspired details. 8 Other Reasons via Revolve

Artsy Graphics

Another 90s resurgence: artsy graphics on tops and dresses. Extra points if they’re sheer!

AFRM via Revolve

Eccentric Coats

Again, faux fur and shearling will be hot, but don’t overlook trench coats in interesting fabrics or colors, or with funky details. Animal print will be having a moment too, with Dalmation popping up on 2023 runways.

This Free People coat nails 80s power dressing, leather, AND elevated trench/great coat trends (via Revolve)

Wait what, this is cool again?


I know, I’m surprised by this too. Look out for curvy tops with Y2K details, like peasant-style gathers or ties, a strapless bodice, or sheer effect. Or, lean into the power-dressing trend with a peplum blazer.

a Dior look via IFA Paris

Off the Shoulder

Especially sweaters. But probably not cool just yet is cold-shoulder looks, just FYI.

so many trends in one picture! Balmain via Refinery29

And finally—the old standbies:

Elevated Basics

Classic pieces like tailored blazers, trench coats, and cashmere sweaters are decent pick-ups anyway, but seek out items with unexpected details like ruffles, cutouts, and unique textures for next-level resale value.

Luxe Fabrics

Fall 2023 is all about indulging in luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, leather, quality denim, and faux fur. When combined with Y2K-inspired aesthetics, it’s hard to miss.

Statement Accessories

Statement accessories like chunky jewelry, oversized scarves, and embellished bags will be taking center stage for Fall 2023. Again, look for overlapping trends for your best resale bet: bright reds or butter yellows, artsy/graphic touches, interesting sheen or space-age vibes, and feathers, faux fur, or pearlescent details.

What to Do With This Info:

Perhaps the lowest risk and most immediately gratifying action you can take with this Fall 2023 trend knowledge is to hunt for these items already listed in your closet, double check the quality or their photos/listing details, add any relevant keywords, and relist them! (Psst, ClosetWitch can help you relist any and everything in your closet from scratch, automatically).

The next action to take is to keep these notes in the back of your mind as you source and let them guide you towards items you might not otherwise notice, like vintage mall brands with all the right details.

What NOT to Do with This Info:

Make sure you’re staying critical and level headed while shopping and check for flaws, look at comps, and avoid over-spending on items as much as possible. It’s easy to get excited about on-trend items at the thrift, but don’t let let them sway you into paying further up than you can stand to make back.

Did we miss any trends? Have any notes on this list? Sharing is caring--drop them below!

Wishing you love and magic and a very fashionable fall,

Cathy @ClosetWitch

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