New Years Resolutions: How to Set SMARTer Poshmark Selling Goals

New Years Resolutions: How to Set SMARTer Poshmark Selling Goals

We've all been there: I'm going to list more! Tackle my death (er, money) pile! Relist every item in my closet! When? At... some point!

These are goals, but are they smart? No.

Well, we don't mean to sound judgmental; we should say these types of goals are not S.M.A.R.T.:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound

Why Set Smart Goals?

this whole blog is and internet classic and very worth reading:

Smart goals, in my unscientific opinion, help feed your monkey mind and reassure it that 1. you're getting somewhere on your goal, 2. it's not going to take forever, and 3. there's a point to working on it. These are key components of actually sticking to your goal and seeing some success (also important if you're ever going to want set and achieve goals again).

the anxiety Ihave just looking a this picture and thinking that these clothes are going to get dirty is so, so hight rn

Let's take the example of "tackling your death pile." This goal can feel defeating for few reasons. First, you may still be adding to your death pile (whoops), which can make this feel a bit Sisyphean. Second, it may be an inappropriately long task that can take weeks of hard work, and not take into account some exceptions (do you have to deal with any damaged or stained items before you're "done"?). And lastly, it may just feel a little unimportant if you have a long list of other pressing tasks, like listing pricey, seasonal, in-demand stuff you just bought right now.

How to Set a Smarter Poshmark Selling Goal

when goals feel pointless, impossible, or like they're going to take forever, we're tempted to visit the "dark playground." don't go there!


Let's say you decide to deal with all of the pants in your death pile, and "deal" means photograph, measure, list, and put them away.


You have 15 pairs of pants, so you can easily tell how close or far you are from achieving your goal.


15... that's manageable! If there were 150, we might want to break it up into smaller chunks.


If you have seasonal items in your death pile, maybe it makes sense to start with those first before the seasons change. For example, sweaters in January come before bathing suits.

Time Bound

Let's give ourselves until the end of the week so this doesn't drag out.

And there you have it: "I will list and put away 15 sweaters from my death pile in one week." A much SMARTer goal!

Ideas for Poshmark Goals to Set

Now that you know how to make goals smarter, what's worth working on?

A few ideas for starting 2023 on a good reselling foot:

-List more items/list more frequently/list all seasonal inventory

-Tidy/reorganize/clean out a section of your inventory

-Relist stale inventory (psst, we can help with that)

-Do a systematic QA check on your listed inventory to check for errors, pricing issues, missing info, duplicates, etc. least that's what we'll be working on.

What are your goals for 2023? Or maybe just goals for January 2023... gotta keep it attainable!

Good luck and go get 'em!