Trying Free Trials of Every Poshmark Bot I Can Find: SellerAider

Trying Free Trials of Every Poshmark Bot I Can Find: SellerAider
this gets... messy.

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Friends, this is the first download and installation experience that made me genuinely uneasy.

How much does SellerAider cost?

I don't. know. [UPDATE: after my trial expired, I was prompted to choose a plan--I chose Poshmark only vs. posh + depop + vinted, and it was priced at $18 a month].

I searched all over the chrome store, in the extension, and on their website, and there is no mention of pricing! Just the ominous "install for free" language.

As tech folks like to say, if you're not paying for a product, you're the product. But like... surely they're charging for something? I'm anxious--but since this was in the top four search results for "Poshmark Bot" in the chrome store, I'm trying it.

Let's do this. Pray for me!

SellerAider Ease of Installation

SellerAider was yet another extension wisely redirecting you to a "get started" page as soon as it is installed. Smart! I've added this to our Trello board because apparently, we're behind the times.

So far, SellerAider has not asked for any credit card info, so the pricing stuff remains a mystery for now.

Getting Started With SellerAider

Getting up and running is easy enough--I installed the extension, admittedly didn't read any instructions, and popped it open while in Poshmark. I created a username and password, then it looked like we were in business.

On first glance, the standard features are here--and I'm definitely eyeing "Offer Monitor"--could this be autopilot offer sending? For... free?

Seems to good to be true, but let's start with basics.

Sharing with SellerAider

SellerAider is another bot that annoying makes you scroll through your entire closet to share.

‌It seemed to be working at a moderate clip, but immediately triggered a reCAPTCHA code.

‌Eh. I shared 48 items (one loaded page) of listings, and didn't return to it.

SellerAider Manual Sharer

SellerAider is marketed as "Poshmark Compliant," which must be referring to their manual version of sharing.

This tool basically does what the new Poshmark sharing upgrade does: allow you to hand click-select items in your closet one and at a time and then hit one button to share them all.

Since Poshmark already lets you do this for free, and since in my biased opinion, this sucks and is a waste of time, I didn't try it. It's probably fine. Is it Poshmark compliant? Eh, maybe? Do I care as someone who's used automation daily for three years without a single issue? Definitely not because I'm not spending my time doing this lol.

SellerAider Offer Monitor

I'll be real here: I didn't like this extension overall, and I had to delete it after a day or two of use because it was messing with other extensions and causing things to load/format weirdly for me.‌

By the time I came back to it a week later, it was asking me to purchase a subscription for $18, which I was absolutely not going to do.

But the one major tool I did get to try aside from sharing, the one that prompted me to stop using it even before deleting, was Offer Monitor.

Friends, this is the most batshit insane feature I have ever seen.

I mean, it sounds reasonable. Here's how it's described on the website:

-instantly send offers to new likers

-hand select the offers for the items

Here's the thing though: you have to select one item at a time, by hand, to be "monitored." Then the tool will proceed to check multiple times per minute for whether there is a like or not.

Multiple times. Per minute. Every minute of the day.

This is what my newsfeed looked like for one item being monitored:

I turned it off within 5 minutes, never to use it again.

SellerAider Overall Impressions‌

‌If it's not obvious, I really did not like this tool. I think it just rubbed be the wrong way that it markets itself as compliant with Poshmark as though it understands Poshmark and it's users, but then proceeds to work in such bizarre ways that no serious seller would ever bother with it.

I feel overall that SellerAider is using fear tactics to prey on sellers that are fearful of getting in trouble with Poshmark, and doesn't offer much actual value or time savings for its price point.

Is SellerAider Worth it?

No. Sorry, but no.

A more detailed analysis looking at the features:

Sharing: manual sharer=silly and time wasting, auto-sharer more annoying than it has to be, and you can use ClosetWitch's much simpler and hands off sharer for free.

Relisting: works by copying your listings, which is good for resetting prices, but won't get you into the "Just In" search stream unless the listings are at least 60 days old. It also requires several clicks, so again, at the price point, I'm going to say it's hard pass for me, since ClosetWitch offers hard reset relisting at $9/a month.

Offer Monitor: this is completely impractical to the point of being unusuable.

Following/sharing other people's stuff: I'm sure this works, but I didn't try it because I consider it useless and I hate the spam factor of it all.

So basically: sharing you can get for free; manual sharing you can get for free through Poshmark; copy listing relisting with debateable value; auto-following/sharing with debateable value.

I'd consider this a $5/month tool at best.

SellerAider Vs. ClosetWitch‌

Since we just rolled out inventory management at $19/month, which includes sharing, from scratch relisting, and listing assistance, I'mma say we win this round in a head-to-head features battle with SellerAider being priced at $18/month.

Is this the laziest review ever? Quite possibly.

But is this a pretty lazy tool at this price point?


I said what I said!

Should I stop badmouthing other people's tools? Should ClosetWitch stop messing around and write a "getting started" page for the chrome store already? Let me know below or drop us a line at [email protected].