Trying Free Trials of Every Poshmark Bot I Can Find: PrimeLister

Trying Free Trials of Every Poshmark Bot I Can Find: PrimeLister

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I like the confidence of the dot here. it's like, PrimeLister: PERIODT


There are different pricing models for PrimeLister "Basic" and "Pro." My free trial included features from BOTH, but it's important to note that any inventory features described are Pro only, and are priced higher. Here's the breakdown:

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PrimeLister is probably one of the most interesting, competitive Poshmark tools I've given a try so far. It offers a suite of Poshmark-specific tools, but also inventory support. It's also the first tool I've tried so far that offers hard reset relisting, like us (and I've confirmed it works!). Yet, I found myself running back to our own tool time and time again for a complaint I've had with just about every tool so far: it just gets in your way when you're trying to do other stuff in Poshmark. That said, it's powerful, it does what it says it will, and it has a wide variety of offerings. Let's talk about it!

PrimeLister Ease of Installation

PrimeLister was easy to install, but the most difficult tool to get onboarded with out of those I've tried.

There were checklists and resources for logging in, but I was stubborn and just wanted to GO

I couldn't figure out how to actually start despite installing the extension, navigating to Poshmark, and repeatedly clicking "Poshmark for US." I think this was partly because the tool wasn't particularly snappy for me, so the length of time things took to load confused me and prompted me to click on things multiple times before refreshing, etc.

...and actually if you're just on Poshmark (not any other platforms), many of these steps won't matter to you

When it did finally fully load, the result was a fairly innocuous-looking black arrow that I didn't realize for some time was actually clickable/Step One of getting started. Hm.

Prime Lister Ease of Use/Layout/User Friendliness

Feel the rainbow! Taste the rainbow! Every damn time you want to use this extension!

Once I figured out how to get it up and running, I found PrimeLister's layout nice and intuitive (excepting the weirdly long and rainbow-colored set of first options that showed up every single time I clicked on the extension).

ah, that's better

Featuring dark, color coded icons, well-labeled functions, and clean-looking  spacing/buttons, it was the most professional and sophisticated tool from a design standpoint I've seen so far.

Some quick notes on my first impressions of the features:

Task Interval Filters

(ie. sorting functions by time needed to perform them): this is neat way to categorize things, but if you don't think of your Poshmark to-do list this way, it's a little restrictive.

Tasks Log: my ADHD brain loves this! It's so nice getting a little list of what you've done vs. throwing effort into the ether.

it looks less sad when you start doing stuff, don't worry

Closet Loading

A ding here. this takes forever and loads all your unavailable items too. (I had 525-ish active and almost 1500 unavailable ones at the time of testing).

this is what it looks like to select individual items once your closet it loaded

This was painful to sit through, and since it seems PL performs functions like sharing for all your listings (not just the available ones), you'll end up with random sold items in the middle of your closet, which is not exactly an ideal shopping experience for buyers, and can be a little embarrassing for you (ie. I don't really want people seeing that one crappy t-shirt I sold for 9 dollars while they scroll).

The upside is that, unlike other extensions, being able to "load your close" manually means you don't have to wait for your whole closet to load every dang time you open it (regardless of whether you're trying to use the tool or not).

But that said, it does still load everything else and it generally always there/is annoying, so I manually turned the extension off a lot while not using it.

Not a feature, but a bug? (heh, programmer joke): something general I noticed while testing that wasn't really a feature, but was a persistent experience while using the extension: PrimeLister did not seem to be responsive to changing page size. As I tried to adjust the window I was sharing in so I could respond to comments, etc, in another window, I noticed that the PL dashboard disappeared completely. Hmph.

Prime Lister Features

Listing Actions

PrimeLister's features are divided into "listing actions," which requires inventory tool use (for multi-platform sellers) and Poshmark Assistant. I did not test inventory tools on more than an item or two, but it seemed fairly easy to get items loaded into the system, and to use the various functions. Here are some quick impressions:


I tried relisting and can confirm it does create a new listing from scratch, which resets items' just in dates. This is great! Unfortunately, you can only work with one item at a time (it opens a tab every time), and you can't adjust the price of said item in the same workflow from this dashboard, unless I'm missing something. So, it's tricky to use as a Closet Clearout price resetting, or bulk seasonal price resetting/relisting. That said, relisting from the Poshmark Tools dashboard has more options. More on that in a minute!


this is the inventory management layout. not bad!

A quick summary of the other functions available from Listing Actions that I did not test, but you may find useful if you sell on multiple platforms:

  • Crosslist
  • Delist
  • Duplicate

To be honest, inventory management and cross listing at a $24.99 a month price point ($19.99 a month if you pay for the year up front), is very competitive. You'll definitely get good bang for your buck with this tool if this is you.

Poshmark Assistant Features

Let's get into the Poshmark-specific tools, first with an impression on actually getting to this work environment: you have to choose Poshmark US from that rainbow dashboard first every... single... time.

I'm an impatient mofo, and between the long loading times and having to re-announce my country with every use of the app (and let's face it, we sellers like to share a lot)... yeah, it was killing me.


tons of options, nice

I like the preselects available: my closet, all listings, share to followers, medium speed... this is nice for just getting started quickly!

this is what it looks like when an item is sharing. I like the progress wheel and seeing which item is being worked on, but you have to keep the dash open/stay full screen to get a sense of overall sharing progress.

That said, I had a few bones to pick with PrimeLister's sharing tool, that I've mentioned earlier in the post, but I'll repeat here: PrimeLister shares all of your items, sold AND unsold. So unless you want to load your closet by hand and select items in small groups (hard pass for me), the items items you've sold recently will show up in the middle of your closet for buyers, and buyers will have to scroll past them to see what's for sale.

didn't love this journey for me (*in alexis vocal fry*)

It also means sharing takes forever if you've sold a lot. I've sold close to 1,500 items, so just trying to share my currently closet of 525-ish takes triple the time it should, just from the sharing of unneccessary items.

Auto-like Feed

I'm not sure I understood this tool. Does this mean... liking other people's items if they're in my feed? Because I can't think of something I'd like to do less as a seller than like a bunch of a items from others' Poshmark closets that I have no interest in buying. I was afraid to try this and thus did not.

Edit: okay yes, this is what this does. Please don't do this!

Organize Closet

This was cool, but not something I have the patience to use so I didn't play around with it much. It's a drag-and-drop closet organizer, which is nice if you don't have a huge closet and/or care very much about the order in which things appear.

There's also "send to top" and "send to bottom" buttons, but they're weirdly the same color? Everything's the same color? So I quickly got confused and forgot which items I was handle and bailed.

Side note: My personal dream is to have a way to tag certain items as "sticky" either individually or via style or season tags, so that fussing on this level isn't necessary. The idea would be to have your best items always share an extra time to get to that first line, and general categories of items share after others to ensure they're "above the fold" so to speak in your closet.

So, let's say an amazing Lululemon jacket always get spot one, line one in your closet, and then items with a certain tag (let's say something for season--winter/fall, like jackets, sweaters, and pants) would all be pushed to the top until you change the settings.

Wouldn't this be dope???

Okay, moving on.


Follow & Unfollow

Yup, this worked quickly and just fine, no complaints

Send Bulk Offer

Again, this worked well, and about at the same speed as sharing. I tend to prefer targeting only new likers, or to do bulk lowering instead of offers for a Closet Clearout day, but it's definitely effective.

Bulk Price Update

This works! And it has an impressive number of options available, allowing you to adjust by dollar amount or by percentage, or to target the change for the lowest historical price, for example. That last point is key for making sure likers get offers on Closet Clearout days, if you lower in bulk. You can also hand select items by scrolling through your closet, or do everything at once. But to be honest it was a little overwhelming on first use to start looking at every single item I'm selling, and without being able to preview the new prices, it was a lot of mental math guessing what they'd be. I ended up selecting a basic 20% increase and "all listings", and found it did work quickly and effectively to up my prices.

That said, I used this tool a few times, but went running back to ClosetWitch almost immediately to actually see the changes I was making, and to just target items with new likes.

Relisting (From Poshmark Assistant Mode)

I like the "filter by lowest historical price of listing" option--smart.

Again, similar to relisting in Listing Actions, relisting in Poshmark Actions was effective and a true "hard reset" relist that will reset Just-In dates. It also offered pricing updates while using, which is very useful after a few rounds of closet clearout. It did seem to open new tabs for every item it was relisting, and it did take a very long time, but frankly, that's probably a good idea for not triggering captcha codes. (Though did we mention? PrimeLister solves those automatically. Neat!).

progress bar for relisting. it's nice that you can pause, remove items, and see your progress, though the process takes a while

Features Breakdown: Is PrimeLister Worth $24.99 a Month?

[EDIT 1/10/23: Please see the very first edit at the top of this post; I'm actually a bit on the fence now about whether I'd recommend this product at $24.99, though it is worth noting that it offers "relisting from scratch" at the $24.99/monthly level, which I'd say is one of the most valuable features. Though, ClosetWitch is more comeptitive on pricing for that at $9.99/month. Please keep in mind that any references to inventory after this point are referring to the $49.99/month "pro" level." ***END EDIT***]

it was very, very difficult getting the list of features onto one page PS

Let's quickly recap the total of what PL includes since there are lots of details:

Unlimited sharing (followers/party/continuous/reverse/scheduled/adjustable speed), closet organization, relisting from scratch (with price updating), following/unfollowing, bulk offers and price updates, automatic activity returner for likes and shares, automatic captcha solving, task monitoring/logging.


Frankly, that's a lot of value for your $24.99 a month. I say yes, potentially worth it, with some caveats (see Primelister Vs. ClosetWitch below).

Overall Impressions/Final Thoughts about PrimeLister

it's giving Constant Contact, literally

I liked it! It was polished, powerful, and did what it said it would. A few nitpicks on non-features stuff: the emails from the creator were impressive at first, but got a bit annoying by day 3 or so (I think I got an email every darn day for at least a week).

I also just had a gut feeling this if the person who created this resells, they're a different kind of seller than I am (likely a bins/yard sale buyer that's not as sell-price-sensitive). On a whole, the extension felt generally a bit slick and impersonal. As a seller, we spend our whole lives on these platforms! I wanted more warmth or personality.

PrimeLister Vs. ClosetWitch

I like that ClosetWitch lets you apply global settings AND make individual tweaks, and that filters help you target less overwhelming numbers of items. Estimated earnings also helps me see if I'm getting into the DANGA ZONE with pricing. (anybody else only hear that phrase as a screech over progressive rock music???)

Comparing it to our tool (ClosetWitch) and other's I've tested so far, I believe this may be the best value if you pay low, similar amounts to acquire your inventory (ie. you shop at the bins/outlets), or you just sell so much that you don't mind going in the red for some items while sending automatic offers/prices adjustments.

I say this because the tool is powerful, but, as is a common issue with almost all the tools I've tried so far, it doesn't offer much visibility or control for in-between numbers of items. You either select items by hand to perform functions on, or select your whole closet. I'm lazy, so I always end up selecting my whole closet, then rushing around doing damage control.

It's also just very... there. I really like that ClosetWitch completely goes away when you close it. Your Poshmark experience is totally normal when you're not explicitly performing a function.

With PrimeLister, I always had a spooky feeling that tons of other stuff was loading, working in the background, making things look a little funny, etc. It bugged me.

So what do you think? Have you tried PrimeLister? Is there a tool you swear by that you'd like me to try? Should we hurry up and release ClosetWitch Pro so our users can manage their inventory too?? (Whoops, that was little spoiler, but... stay tuned!).


Cathy @ClosetWitch