Trying Free Trials of Every Poshmark Bot I Can Find: Simple Posher

Trying Free Trials of Every Poshmark Bot I Can Find: Simple Posher

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Simple Posher is a straightforward "sharing and auto-following/share returning" type bot available for $9.99 a month with a 7-day free trial. It's a chrome extension and free to install and start using. It didn't ask me for credit card info to get going.

Initial impressions from the Chrome store: cute hanger icon! This seems straight forward and like it provides decent value!

But later impressions: this is way too annoying to deal with, the user interface is cluttered and confusing, and I don't think it's worth the price tag.

Let's get into it!

Simple Posher Ease of Installation

The was a no brainer to start using—just download the extension and pin to begin. The trouble for me was figuring out exactly what to do within the extension...

Simple Posher Ease of Use/Layout/User Friendliness

I started with sharing, which had nice options like randomization, share in reverse order, share speed adjustments, and share to parties vs. to followers (I skipped party sharing, but you can share to parties you identify via keywords, which is cool).

Layout-wise, it was hard to know what Simple Posher expects you to do first, or what they seem to think a default use case would be. I was face with a blank screen and then what appeared to be lots of options, but no clear first action to take.

I settled on sharing to followers, which began promptly and with no frills: there was no overlay over my closet window, no progress tracker, no preview/image/title of what was being shared unless I clicked into the extension: just a view of the clicks I would take to share manually passing before me over and over. Pretty nifty, though a little ambiguous.

The trouble started when I tried to open Poshmark in another screen to tackle another task—I kept getting sharing windows opening and closing even in a new window.

I also found that once the tool was installed, it would keep skipping downward every time I opened my closet or another user's closet, forcing me to sit there while it loaded. Very annoying, and IMO, a deal breaker.

Simple Posher Features

Simple Posher's features are bare bones: they're mostly auto actions you perform while in the extension (ie. no autopilot or reactive features, aside from a continuous sharing function).

-Sharing: sharing your entire closet in multiple modes (reverse, random, at different speeds, to parties or your followers, and in an edit sharing mode (I still can't figure out what this is).

-Reciprocal Sharing and Following/"Activity Returner"

...pretty self explanatory: the tool will automatically follow or unfollow people from a feed or other users' followers list, or return community shares.

Tools I did not try:

Edit and Share: Once again, I legitimately could not figure out what this did. I did try it, but it seemed exactly the same as sharing to me, as was the case with ClosetPilot. What the heck is this??

Party Sharing: Yeah no. I just... I don't care. Again, this isn't a dig at the tool, just party the party stuff in general is not for me.

Tool by Tool Extremely Brief Reviews

Sharing: 5/10 for Effective but Janky

While it had fewer frills than ClosetPilot (no captcha solving), sharing with Simple Posher worked quickly and consistently. There was an alarm for Captchas, and it was little bell. Cute!

But... I hated how using this tool locked up Poshmark for me even in new windows. And the constant closet loading even while not using the extension was a nightmare.

Other Stuff: 4/10 for Useful in Theory but Bewildering

I don't really bother with sharing and following generally, but I tried to give auto following a try and the results were.... alarming.

First, I wasn't quite sure what page to be on to use the following feature. I tried the homepage, which crashed several times (showing the below screen), but then told me I somehow followed thousands of people at a time???

This screen came up several times while attempting to use the "feed follower" on my feed page.

Thankfully, my following count told me this was not true, but I had a moment of panic thinking my account would certainly be flagged and banned by Poshmark.

I turned off the feed follower and did not try it again.

I was also not able to figure out where to be to use the activity returner or what the "skip to next user" thing did, so after tinkering for 20 minutes or so, I gave up.

Features Breakdown: Is Simple Posher Worth $9.99 a Month?

From my experiences with the tool and with Poshmark in general, I'd say Sharing is Simple Posher's most compelling offering. So is it worth $9.99 a month? Sure, in general. There's no question that sharing drives sales and saves huge amounts of otherwise completely wasted time. But... you can get it for free (with ClosetWitch, no less). Plus, the headaches of the page loading stuff and the inability to use Poshmark in other windows at the same time kind of negated a lot of the good for me.

All that said, though, when I went to "Manage My Account" to check my free trial status, I got this:

This spooked me a little. But then I remembered I hadn't been prompted to enter any payment info to start my free trial, so I chilled out a little.

A few days later, I tried again and was taken to this screen:

And there you have it: it does seem that after your trial ends, you create an account and that's how you keep the service coming with Simple Posher.

Overall Impressions/Final Thoughts about Simple Posher

This is an ok tool, in terms of actually working at sharing your closet. But it was way too glitchy and confusing for me.

Exit Impressions

No real exist process; since I had not added payment details to my account ot start using, I just let the trial expire and deleted the extension.

Simple Posher Vs. ClosetWitch

My experience with Simple Posher really reaffirmed a lot of design decisions we made at ClosetWitch. We only load your fully closet once you initiate sharing, which means to perpetual loading the rest of the time. We also allow multitasking galore. You can even use two ClosetWitch functions at a time in different windows!

sending offers while sharing, while feeling like a wizard

While we don't offer following and activity returning at the moment (I'm just not convinced yet of its value to sellers), I found these aspects of Simple Posher to be so, well, NOT simple that I gave up on testing them pretty quickly.

What do you think? Have you tried Simple Posher? Is there a tool you swear by that you'd like me to try? Are we not charging enough for ClosetWitch? (I'm started to suspect this!). Tell me everything below.


Cathy @ClosetWitch