Which Poshmark Bots Send Automatic Offers? (PSST: us._

Which Poshmark Bots Send Automatic Offers? (PSST: us._
ah, the reassuring beauty of a PREVIEW.

One of the most popular features of Poshmark tools and bots are their ability to send offers to potential buyers quickly and automatically. And…. drumroll please: ClosetWitch is in betamode with this feature!

We’ll break down why this is so exciting and what makes our version of automatic offer sending special in a moment, but first—why are automatic offers a thing? And are they always worth the trouble?

Why Poshmark Sellers Like Sending Automatic Offers

Sending automatic offers on Poshmark can be helpful for sellers because it allows them to quickly and easily reach out to potential buyers while the buyers are looking at items, or very soon after.

Buyers on Poshmark Have Short Attention Spans

To understand why this is important, think about the last purchase decision you made on Poshmark. For me, I was scrolling through sneaker listings, liked a few, found one pair I was OBSESSED with, and pulled the trigger immediately when they sent an offer around an hour later.

But in the hours, days, and weeks after my purchase, I continued getting offers from sellers of all the other items I liked. I couldn’t even remember why I liked these items, and I wasn’t in the market for sneakers any more.

Timeliness with offer sending can mean life or death to a sale. But most sellers would also agree that there are better uses of their time than refresh their news feed and sending (likely the same) offers over and over again.

Why Automatic Offer Sender Tools Tend to… Kind of Suck

If you’ve read any of my bot testing blogs, you know I’m opinionated about automated functions. For one thing, they tend to be developed by developers for, seemingly, other developers!

a tool that shall not be named (lol jk I review it below!). um, cool, thanks for letting me know I guess

Take the obsession with feeds. Even Alan, cofounder of ClosetWitch and our chief developer, wanted this to the automatic offer home page: a giant feed of text notifications that offers have been sent.

(I pushed back on this with a simple question: what are users meant to do with this? He wasn’t sure, so now the automatic offers page looks a lot like bulk offers: photos and titles of listings with the discount and shipping deal they have, and at timestamp of the last time the offer was sent).

Step One: Make 3,000 Decisions

.... I'm sweating.

Another common approach to “smart” automatic offers is a mathmatical, algorithmic approach to setting “rules” around offers. For many services (the few that even give you the option to select more than one type of offer for literally your entire close), you need to make several far-reaching choices before you can even start.

Such as:

-Do you want items over a certain dollar amount to get a different offer?

-What about under a certain dollar amount?

-Do you want different offers for a specific category or item, or brand?

-And not available in any other service (aside from ClosetWitch, teehee!), how do you opt items out of automatic offers if you make a price change?

Granted, you can’t *see” items in your closet as you make this decision (unless you open them in a different tab). You just have to scan your memory and try to recall the pricing intricacies of each.

Do you have cold sweats yet?

You also can’t edit your offers at all, you need to choose one type of offer for your entire closet, then program an algorithm like a developer to hopefully make good descisions about what treat as a special case, sight unseen.

Step Two: Hit “Start” and Panic

The last time I tried this while testing a service, I immediately, accidentally sent a way-too-low offer on an item I paid up for and lost $20.

Yeah, not my favorite!

Another fun moment with a different service: an immediate tidal wave of notifications. The tool I tried (that I’ll cover more below) thought I needed to know every time it attempted to send an offer on an item, whether or not I had new likers. Friends, it tried to send an offer ONCE EVERY MINUTE. That was for a single item, and it was completely overwhelming. I shudder to think of having offers set up for my closet of 600ish pieces.

Seeing is Believing: Introducing ClosetWitch Auto Offers and the Tao of Previews

Alexa, play "No Surprises" by Radiohead

I’ll keep this brief, but I’ve been around the block with other tools, and, as a seller, this is my dream feature.

Here’s what I’m most excited about:

-Sane onboarding: add items to your automatic offers queu globally or one at a time. We make it easy by harnessing the power of our bulk offers tool. Simply keep “add to auto offers” toggled on, and the next time you get a batch of likes, the offers you set for them will simply keep sending in the future, without you having to send them.

-Preview your earnings and tweak offer and shipping discount for individual items before adding them to your Auto queu. There’s a picture of the item to reduce cognitive load and jog your memory.

-Easy on/off and opting out. Need to pause offer sending? Toggle off “auto offers.” Did you lower the price of an item for closet clear out? Automatic offers will pause so you can adjust the discount amount the next time you have a like and avoid getting in the red.

easy on, easy off; easy updates, easy pausing. easy!

Coming soon:

-Setting customized timing for offers (it will currently send at the 15 minute mark to give buyers a chance to purchase the item at full price).

Who gets it?

-ClosetWitch Pro Users ($19/month subscription) will have access to this tool as soon as the chrome store pushes the update.

-ClosetWitch ProLite Users ($9/month subscription)will get a “lite” version of this (heh) called Offer Pinning, in which the Bulk Offers tool will remember your last custom offer for an item. The next time you get a like, your last offer and shipping discount are already there—just hit the “send” button. Ah, the beauty of making a decision ONCE.

But of course, we’re not the only folks offering this tool (though we may be the only ones offering it $19/month, double heh!). Here are a few other seller tools to consider if automatic offers are on your wish list. I’ll link to my review blogs for each service I’ve tried to include specific insight into auto offers.


Price point to get auto offers: $29.99/month

Precision: set one offer for your entire closet; no opt outs or individual offer edits.

Visibility: the feed tells you every time it checks for new offers and when an offer is sent.

Other Features: Aside from auto offers, ClosetPilot also offers sharing at various speeds (and even continuous sharing, though this can eat up quite a bit of bandwidth), plus auto social features, like auto following and unfollowing.

First Impressions: does the job; works fine for a closet with a consistent pricing strategy. But you’ll get more features for your money with PosherVA or ClosetWitch.

Review of ClosetPilot


Price point to get auto offers: $29.99/month, with a 20% discount available for yearly subscriptions.

Precision: set one offer for your entire closet, with the option to set a discount in dollar amount or percentage off. You can tailor your offer’s delay in minutes; option to include flexibile shipping. Filters are also available; weed out items by date of listing, age, number of likes, historical price, current price, net earnings, or condition.

Visibility: an activity log tracks sent offers.

Other Features: Aside from auto offers, Primlisters also offers sharing, bulk actions (price adjustments and offers), and, at a higher $49.99/month price point, listing actions (including relisting from scratch).

First Impressions: this is a very good tool with useful fine-tuning options for sending automatic offers, and my favorite layout/user interface. I did want a little more visibility and ease of editing individual offers, but if your pricing stragey is consistent (ie. you don’t often pay up for items, or you generally list items at a consistent price point), this should work just fine for you.

Review of Primelister


Price point to get auto offers: $25/month

Precision: set one offer for your entire closet, with excusions (opt out items over or under a given price point, listed within a given number of hours, or NWT/boutique items). Tailor your offer’s delay in minutes; option to include flexibile shipping.

Visibility: see a list of which items are excluded from auto offers; see total number of offers sent.

Other Features: PosherVA is a Poshmark bot that offers a variety of automation features, including an activity returner for shares and follows, and “copy listing” relisting (ie. items won’t show up in “Just In” searches unless they’re at least 60 days old).

First Impressions: this is a solid tool with useful fine-tuning options for sending automatic offers. Again, I did want a little more visibility and ease of editing individual offers, but, same with PrimeLister, if your pricing strategy is consistent (ie. you don’t often pay up for items, or you generally list items at a consistent price point), this should do the job.

Review of PosherVA

Closet Assistant

Price point to get auto offers: $24.99/month

Precision: set one offer for your entire closet; no opt outs or individual offer edits. Offers are sent immediately.

Visibility: the feed tracks every time offers are sent, with item, discount, and shipping info.

Other Features: Aside from auto offers, Closet assistant also offers closet sharing, bulk price adjustments and offers, a community share/follow returner, auto commenter, closet organization, and “copy listing” relisting with useful filters. (Note: items must be at least 60 days old to show up in “Just In” searches as they would if relisted from scratch).

First Impressions: the auto offer sender does the job; works fine for a closet with a consistent pricing strategy/few complications or exceptions. Doesn’t give users a chance to potentially buy an item full price before sending an offer; no previews or individual edits available. Overall, this tool feels reliable and robust, the stats are useful, and the auto commenter is a unique feature among all the other tools I’ve looked at.

Review of ClosetAssistant: coming soon!

And… that’s my short list so far!

I feel like SuperPosher offered auto offers at one point, but they seem to have changed business models with a rebrand as OneShop, a b2b reselling marketplace. Interesting.

If you are a Poshmark seller looking to streamline your sales process, using a bot that offers automatic offers can be a valuable time saver--or a stressful, panicky time suck. Closet Assistant, ClosetPilot, ClosetWitch, PosherVA, and Primelister are just a few of the many Poshmark tools that offer this feature and others. When choosing a Poshmark seller aid, it is important to consider the features that are most important to you and your business. Take into account your pricing strategy, closet size, and how you like to work while making a decision.

Did I miss any tools that offer auto sharing? Are you using any of these tools and have a different take on the experience? Please share below!

And of course, if you want to try ClosetWitch, give our free extension a spin by downloading in the chrome store. Create an account and upgrade for pinned offers or our brand spanking new auto offers tools. And please tell us what you think! We love feedback, and so many of our features come directly from user requests.

Drop us a line any time at [email protected].

Love and magic,

Cathy @ClosetWitch