Does sharing cost anything?

No! Our sharing tool is free and has no limits on items shared or time used. Relisting, sending offers, and price adjusting are paid features available through ProLite subscription.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sharing is free altogether; email us at [email protected] to request a free trial of ProLite and test out additional features.

Can I get in trouble for sharing too much?

We don’t recommend excessive sharing (defined as more than 10,000 listing shares per day). Please use the extension wisely to avoid temporary freezing of your account by Poshmark.

Is this a bot?

ClosetWitch is a suite of poshmark automation tools that shares, relists, and sends offers exactly as you would — by opening your listings one by one and clicking the necessary buttons.. This extension does not automatically perform any actions in your closet without you initiating them, nor does it make decisions for you. Think of it quite literally like casting a spell on your closet to do your bidding. Bibbity, boppity, BOOM. No carpal tunnel!

How do I use this extension?

Download the extension, pin to your browser, then open and run while your closet is open in Poshmark. For sharing, there’s nothing to sign up for, no payment information to enter, and no need to share any login details. Just don’t close or completely cover the window while sharing, or sharing will pause. For additional tools, create an account through the extension as prompted and select “ProLite” subscription plan.

Can I multitask while using ClosetWitch?

Yes! As long as the window this extension is operating in is at least partially visible, you can continue to work in your browser, including in your Poshmark closet.

What happens if I stop sharing in the middle of sharing my closet?

Please allow sharing to finish sharing completely before navigating away or closing the window. If sharing is interrupted this way, your closet’s current listing order may be changed. If you lose connection during sharing, however, ClosetWitch will save your place for when you’re back up and running.

Other questions? Email us at [email protected].