Meet Our Team

ClosetWitch was created by founders Cathy and Alan for fellow resellers who are frustrated with the daily digital chore list that Poshmark requires for making sales.

Starting with a closet sharing tool and using their own pet peeves as a guide, they expanded ClosetWitch’s offerings with a from-scratch relisting feature and an inventory management system. Today they’re a true reseller assistant, tackling automatic offers, listing help, and daily closet maintenance. With subscription plans ranging from 0-$19/month, there’s affordable time and sanity-savings for everone.

Cathy Vandewater, Co-Founder

Cathy’s career began in content creation and segued into education technology, when she began working as a development guide for university professors moving their courses online. Here she developed a knack for user experience, minimizing cognitive load, and project management (more on that in a minute).

When she began selling on Poshmark as a hobby, she was blown away by the amount of tedious, repetitive work required to make sales on Poshmark: sharing, relisting items by hand, and sending constant streams of offers to new likers was overwhelming and a huge time suck. Working closely with Alan, a professional software engineer, they developed her own personal dream suite of tools, with an emphasis on making them simple to operate and rewarding to use.

What’s next? Cathy’s pulling her project management experience into the mix to create tools to help users manage their time, resources, and inventory more effectively.

Have a question, suggestion or request? Send it her way at [email protected]!

Alan Lin, Co-Founder

Alan has worked in the online learning and education technology sector as a software engineer for over a decade. Specializing in fast and highly available applications with millions of users globally, he’s focused on building secure, robust tools for ClosetWitch that just work.

Alan has taught university courses in programming, mentors other engineers, and professionally builds tools that simplify complex business operations for everyday users doing their jobs. Applying technology to solve real world problems is at the heart of all he does.

Our Mission

CloseWitch has a mission to save resellers from time wasting, repetitive tasks, and conserve their precious energy for listing, sourcing, and providing excellent customer service instead.

We’re always evolving our tools and users’ ability to take better advantage of them. Got a question, or a suggestion for a feature? Drop us a line at [email protected].